An exhibition towards european democratic initiatives

Les voies de la démocratie’s caravan travels across Europe in order to discover local democracy initiatives. With our exhibition, the personalized support to organizations, the production of interview movies, the initiatives mapping drawing as well as the analysis and evaluation of all the initiatives, we wish to contribute to the spreading of the ideas and tools that people are working on but also with, as far as democracy is concerned. By doing so, we wish to inspire a growing number of democratic agitators who face the challenge and urge to give back the political power to citizens.

From June to December 2017, we have been traveling across Europe in order to discover local democracy initiatives. Eager to share those new practices and this knowledge, we decided to put together this exhibition. We believe that it is a elevant and accessible tool that can be used for work and popular education. It is the result of a fascinating collaboration which lasted several months and during which we worked hand in hand with other local democracy specialists, who helped us to analyse and sort all the information we gathered.

Our exhibition is guiding you across a journey exploring 14 local democracy initiatives in 12 European cities. In order to take into account the diversity of the initiatives, we have been meeting communities, associations, researchers, collectives and companies. The exhibition is designed to introduce these cities, these initiatives and these democratic concepts to the general public. This is why, it would be a perfect fit for your exhibition sites and events. It is made of 20 boardsand only requires 50 to 80m2.


We tried to build this exhibition as an accessible educational tool. Each board is divided in three parts and is presenting a city we visited, a democratic initiative that caught our attention and a democratic concept that inspired us.


Our exhibition can go along with interactive activities:

  • a movie with the interviews of the initiatives actors whom we met
  • a host to a participative debate involving one of the 14 concepts seen throughout the exhibition
  • a participative mapping board for local initiatives participative expression boards

With these options we want to offer an interactive and enjoyable moment to the audience.


We are renting the exhibition at flexible prices, in order to allow every kind of structure, whatever its budget to work with us. We are willing to meet different needs and requests, from the one day event to the several weeks exhibition.

Please get in touch with us so we can draw up a personalized quote.

Who are we ?

Thomas Simon

Territorial engineer, project manager, initiative explorer, territorial development facilitator and community manager.

Camille Dantec-Ferri

Engineer in consultation, explorer of initiatives, project manager participative budget and consultant.

Christophe Durand

Graphic designer, project manager, designer and web designer.