The ways, the voices of democracy


Since June 2017, we are traveling across Europe to meet local democratic initiatives. Through the realization of filmed interviews and the writing of detailed articles we wish to contribute to the dissemination of the ideas and the tools that experiment these initiatives. In this way, we hope to inspire the democratic agitators who are increasingly acting face of the urgent need for citizen appropriation of political power.

Everywhere, across the globe, the democratic imaginary is getting renewed. In Europe, the newborn communalism leaves the door open to the possibility of a rightfulness climb from the civil society’s power. Thus, multiple ways to invite the citizen – member of the city-state – outside of the traditional elections can be experienced. According to us, it is therefore on a local scale that we observe the most innovative processes. They weave a network of ways to gain access – or reach – democracy and allow each and everyone to make their voice heard.

Thanks to our specially converted truck, our experiences in social actions and movements, and our knowledge in the fields of civic participation, we will try to understand these initiatives, social movements and these institutional measures that emerge. We hope to bring back inspiring actions that invigorate democracy in order to influence councils, associations and institutions who wish to benefit from these new ways towards their own democracy.

We will be harvesting ideas across Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and finally Italy.

Interactive map of initiatives


Starting point and focus


What are the forms?

Who are the stakeholders?

What the places of life and activity – this hustle and bustle - for democracy?

We want to be part of the tremendous task of building the collective understanding of what democracy is. We will focus hard to grasp the hinge between the civil society’s organizations and the municipal services that organize local democracy.

How do we picture public space and its re-appropriation in the different European democratic initiatives? What opportunities/risks the “civic-tech” represent on a local scale? How do we think a clever, functional and inclusive balance between virtual democratic space and physical democratic space?

Throughout our pilgrimage we will write articles to share our thinking on these matters through our website.



Graduated from The Sorbonne’s in Dialogue’s engineering, I am convinced that the concept of “living together” is experienced through “debating together” and that citizens – all around the globe – do their best to think out of the box of “the consumerist citizen” in order to shape the legitimacy of “the decision-maker citizen”.


Thomas SIMON

Citizen of the world, geography, deciding activist, facilitator are the various hats I wear and use to define my vocation. I endeavour and attempt at building tomorrow’s democracy by assisting collectives toward new ways of functioning, which are seen as more horizontal and equally levelled ones.


Amongst the democratic experiments we tried and experiences we took part in, here are the ones that eventually led us to consider and begin this journey: the participative budget in the cities of Paris and Grenoble, “Nuit Debout Grenoble” (stand all night for democracy), “Ma Voix Grenoble” (Let’s hear your voice), the voting and questioning concerning parking fees in Grenoble, the alternatives to JC Decaux’s advertising posters campaign in Grenoble, the worldwide social forum of Tunis, the Cop 21, anti-Cop 21 and Climate Camp “Espère” (“Hope”) 2016.

Our studies focused on Human Geography and Dialogue’s Engineering in the two universities of The Alpine Institute and Paris’s Panthéon Sorbonne (I). As far as these questions are concerned, you will find our references to our professional experiences in Grenoble city council services of “local democracy” and “public space” as well as the consulting cabinet in participative democracy “General Public”.



We care to be part of the civic initiatives’ uprising for democracy by both making a grand entrance and using interstice. Eager to discover the places where democracy is made through the prism of a connected European youth, we use social medias and militant community groups. Made strong by our experience in “Nuit Debout”, we will and are already in touch with the participants to European “Nuit Debout”.

We stay and will stay throughout our journey on the look for new partnerships with new associative, institutional and academic stakeholders. We offer an exchange of skills, visibility and network.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on our e-mail address – - if you are interested. We are looking forward to reading you.



The Grenoble-Alpes Métropole brings us financial support of € 1,300 under the "Participation Fund". On our return, in 2018, we will work with its Development Council and several associations of the territory by creating times of exchange and debates around the initiatives encountered during the trip.

United Cities and Local Government (UCLG) represents and defends local government and cities in internation negociation/discussion regardless of the size of the cities it supports. We work with the specific commission on Social inclusion, participatory democracy and human right by spreading to the innovators/people we meet during our journey the International charter of human rights in the city . The commission could use our work in order to update its knowledge about participatory democracy and establish new contacts.

Grenoble city supports us by providing 500 euros from the youth initiatives funds. We would describe Grenoble public policy for the ecological and democratic transition and then value the insertion of Grenoble in the Transition Network”. Back in Grenoble, we will present our work to the department of local democracy, the citizen council and citizen house.

The Gis – is partner of our journey. We will publish article on its website as a travel diary . Back in France, we will participate to the thutsday meeting the outcome of our research.

BeCurious is a participative and community crossmedia platform whose mission is to support, amplify and disseminate audiovisual productions that tell the world with an assertive bias and a committed message.

By "committed", BeCurious intends to put in view and value initiatives and audiovisual writings that offer singular insights into the world around us: to inform, to raise awareness, to defend multiple points of view and to induce a passage to action.


Nuit Debout

We want to participate in the emergence of citizen initiatives of democracy both by their great portal and by their interstices. Eager to discover the places of democracy by the prism of a connected European youth, we use social networks and militant community groups. Thanks to our experience of Nuit Debout, we will meet the participants of the European Nuit Debout.